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AT&T Southeast and Utility Operations Bargaining Opens

Last week, bargaining began for both AT&T Southeast and AT&T Utility Operations workers. CWA District 3, under the leadership of Vice President Richard Honeycutt, has been preparing for bargaining for months. You can read more about those preparations here.

Vice President Honeycutt, in his opening statement, said, “During these negotiations, this bargaining team and all of the CWA members working under this contract have an expectation that you, AT&T, will recognize them and the vital role they play in making AT&T the company it is today. While we acknowledge that good leadership is an important part of any company’s success, we do not believe that AT&T would have the success it has had if it were not for CWA members. CWA members are the face of AT&T, the representatives to the public, the ones who are in direct contact with the customers.”

Vice President Honeycutt was joined by CWA Retired Members Council President Emeritus James Starr, who spoke on behalf of retired CWA workers.

The bargaining team is focused on several key issues, including increasing pay, job security, and improving work-life balance.

CWA members across District 3 are encouraged to support their bargaining team through mobilizations and visibility actions.

Vice President Honeycutt also presided over the opening of Utilities bargaining, noting that “CEOs come and go, but it is our members who have been and remain loyal to this company and deserve to be properly compensated. We demand job security, more jobs, fewer contractors, improved work rules, and a better work-life balance.”

The Utilities bargaining team is ready to “Fight for More in 2024!”

CWA members across District 3 are encouraged to support their bargaining teams through mobilizations and visibility actions. Bargaining updates will be posted on the CWA District 3 website.

Bargaining continues at AT&T West. Updates are available here.

CWA District 3 AT&T Southeast Bargaining 
Above: The CWA District 3 Southeast bargaining team is ready to fight for a fair contract. 
Below: The CWA District 3 Utility Operations bargaining team is ready to “Fight for More in 2024!” 
CWA District 3 AT&T Utility Operations