We have often reported that we are reviewing data and looking for the true impacts of the Company proposals.  We think it’s a good opportunity to give a deeper view into what this means.

The Company brags about the generous pay increase in their final offer.  What they don’t talk about it how it gets eaten up in the details; “The devil is in the details”.

So were are going to walk you through one item that they always choose not to discuss is in their final offer and illustrate how the 3% raise they are proposing is a negative gain to some of our members.

*This is an illustration using both surcharges in the company final offer with a 3% GWI


Rate of pay

Spousal  Surcharge

Smoking surcharge


3% pay increase

Net Increase

Office Support







Spousal Surcharge $100.00 per month times 12 months = $1200 per year divided by 2080 hours = $.5769  per hour

**This is before taxes on the pay increase

Smoking Surcharge $65.00 times 12 months = $780 per year divided by 2080 = $.375 per hour

Now you might say that not everyone will be affected by this; that could be a true statement.  However, in Bargaining when a party offers the need for a change it's supported with data.  The data can be historical or market trends etc. There all different assumptions out there.

The Company is having difficulty answering our questions and producing supporting data.

It’s generally only a problem with small companies or new companies, unlike AT&T, which is neither new nor small, so the data should be readily available and in fact should have been used by their folks when preparing proposals.

The Company has two surcharges in their final offer with no data for us to understand how much of the population would be effected, for how long and/or if it would increase or decrease the overall claim costs going forward.  When the Company offers no data we must use the worst case scenario because we can’t simply guess

“We are trying to understand the true impact” of the Company proposal on the membership.

This is only one example.

We are working apart from the Company today, scheduled to be back at the table Monday morning.

Your committee remains committed to finding the details and understanding the true impacts of the Company proposals.

Mobilize!  Mobilize!  Mobilize!


Your Bargaining Committee,

Lisa Bolton

Ken Saether

Mary Ellen Mazzeo

Roy Hegenbart

LaNell Piercy

Cindy Neumeyer

Mike Lewis