The Union Committee reconvened on Monday, March 11, 2019.  We spent the day reviewing and assessing where we are and preparing our strategy for bargaining with the Company going forward. Much of the data we have from the Company is no longer relevant or useful for us to prepare proposals. In January we requested new data which, to date, we have not received. Much of the data has changed due to company declarations of layoffs and office closures, VTPs, as well as the sale of the IDC unit. Accurate information is essential to formulating proposals.

We met with Company all day and passed a comprehensive proposal on Article 43.  We also discussed four year contract duration along with:

• Appendix 2 Special City Allowances

• Appendix 6 Grandfathered Letters

• SSP Success Sharing Plan

• Successorship

• Cope Pact Deductions

• LEGGs Level Equalization Groups

• Presidential Council

We attempted to T/A some of the company proposals. However, the Company said they were not prepared to T/A their own proposals. You are reading this correctly:  we agreed with them and they don’t have the authority to T/A their own proposals.

We had detailed questions regarding the Company’s proposal on integrating prescription drugs into the deductible (RX Integration). It is apparent the Company committee doesn’t know the impact to you as a result of their own proposals. In some scenarios that we provided the Company, Members could pay out of pocket the full cost of the prescriptions until April of the calendar year. Under the company proposal, a person could pay thousands of dollars out of pocket before the healthcare benefit gives relief.

This is some of the information the Company fails to provide you in their bargaining reports.

Your Bargaining Team will continue concentrating on healthcare, job security and watermark proposals.

So far the Company is listening to our positions and concerns. We need more than listening; we need them to be able to make decisions and explain the true impacts of their proposals so we can obtain a fair and just contract for our membership.

We are fast approaching 11 months with an expired contract. It’s time to ramp up our Mobilization activities to assist the Bargaining Team in achieving our goals.



Your Bargaining Committee,

Lisa Bolton

Ken Saether

Mary Ellen Mazzeo

Roy Hegenbart

LaNell Piercy

Cindy Neumeyer

Mike Lewis