The Bargaining Team and the Company met early this morning to further attempt to come to an agreement for a fair and just contract. As we have repeatedly stated to the Company, our number one goal is to achieve employment security, job security and quality/affordable healthcare. We are still very far apart on any understanding regarding those issues.

The Union suggested that we bring in the Federal Mediator that is assigned to our case. Neither party would be bound by the Mediator’s recommendation but we felt a neutral 3rd party might be helpful in finding a pathway to closing in on the remaining issues. This appeared to agitate the Company - it was not meant to poke anyone - just to see if we could get movement at the table; however to our surprise the Company reacted negatively and responded that they are not interested at this time.

The Company is still standing on their final offer; several of these components we feel are unnecessary.  Each time we solve a Company problem they come back with a different reason why they need the changes, or simply tell us the Company is not interested. The fact is they really don’t have a problem - they are seeking change just because they can. They continue to say there are no savings to the Company with these changes but we know there are significant impacts to our Members.

They can and should move off this final offer proposal and be more reasonable with their requests.

Thanks to all the brave men and women who fought for the freedoms we enjoy.  Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Please continue to mobilize, including political pressure, media, community involvement and any other means you find that will convince the Company we are Union Strong.

In Unity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Saether
Mary Ellen Mazzeo
Roy Hegenbart
LaNell Piercy
Mike Lewis
Cindy Neumeyer

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