The Bargaining Team met with the Company today, at their request, to discuss their proposal on Article 19 (Benefits) that they passed to us in their Comprehensive Final Offer of 5/22/18.

Keep in mind we have already rejected their final offer package, even though they keep sending daily e-mails as if it were on the table - just one more example of how they are trying to mislead you.

However, in an effort to explain why we rejected it, we agreed to discuss the fundamentals of their Benefits proposal; in other words, what would be acceptable to the membership and what would not serve the members well.

The parties asked questions and discussed comparisons from the Company's proposal and the Union’s proposal from 5/1/18 along with the Union attachment from 5/4/18.

We were very clear that we wanted to maintain a structure that will benefit all of the Members in all of our titles, at the same time remaining affordable to all of our Members.

It’s time the Company stops “direct dealing “ and gets serious with us, your elected committee, at the table; that’s the right thing to do. Spreading part of the story is never helpful and we have requested several times that the Company cease this behavior.

You are entitled to know the facts and how the proposals truly affect you today, as well as in the future.

We are more determined than ever to bargain until we reach a fair and just contract for our members.

We appreciate all the support!  Now more than ever is the time to unite and stand strong!

In Unity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Saether
Mary Ellen Mazzeo
Roy Hegenbart
LaNell Piercy
Mike Lewis
Cindy Neumeyer

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