Today the Bargaining Team and the Company reached a tentative agreement on:

  • Article 9 - Grievance Procedure
  • Article 17 - New Job Titles and Job Classifications

In addition the Company passed the following proposals:

  • New language for New Compensation & Recognition Awards
  • Eliminating some language on the Consumer Common Interest Committee
  • Language to eliminate the  Leveraged Title Committee
  • The Company stands on their retrogressive proposal for Article 20 Absence


Remember, the Company’s net profit in 2017 was $29.3 billion dollars. That equates to $80,273,972 a day, including holidays:  that’s like you winning the Powerball every day of the year!

We will continue to work towards a fair and just contract for all.


Your Bargaining Committee,

Ken Saether
Mary Ellen Mazzeo
Roy Hegenbart
LaNell Piercy
Mike Lewis
Cindy Neumeyer


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