American Airlines Group Workers Get New Profit-Sharing Plan

CWA and AFA-CWA leaders have signed off on a new profit-sharing plan, one that will provide CWA-represented agents and workers and AFA-CWA Flight Attendants a share in the profits they generate.

The program covers all non-management workers at American Airlines Group, including CWA-represented agents and workers at American, Piedmont and Envoy, and AFA-CWA-represented Flight Attendants at Piedmont, Envoy and PSA.

The profit sharing program calls for American Airlines to set aside 5 percent of annual pre-tax income to be shared among participants at American Airlines Group. The first payment will be made in early 2017, based on the company's 2016 annual earnings.

Vickey Hoots, president of CWA Local 3640 and a member of the American Airlines passenger service bargaining team, said the profit-sharing plan enables "management to show that it recognizes the value and contributions of our members to this airline. Our members deserve it," she said.

The contract ratified by CWA-represented agents at American in 2015 provided industry-leading wages. Now, with the restored profit-sharing plan, workers will more fully share in their airline's industry-leading financial gains.

Last November, nearly 5,000 Envoy Air agents voted overwhelmingly for CWA representation in a National Mediation Board election; negotiations for a first contract are underway.

In addition to the Envoy agents, CWA represents 15,000 agents at American Airlines and about 4,000 agents at Piedmont. AFA-CWA represents 1100 Flight Attendants at Envoy, 700 at PSA and 200 at Piedmont.