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AFA-CWA Marches for Equality at Board of Directors Meeting

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While meeting in Atlanta, the entire Board of Directors of AFA-CWA – the union's highest governing body – participated in a "Bridge the Gap" protest march for equality that focused on Delta Airlines. Delta Connection Flight Attendants are not equally recognized for their contribution as frontline employees of Delta's network. The AFA-CWA leaders marched several blocks to protest outside of the World of Coca-Cola, an Atlanta-based company whose CFO Kathy Waller is a member of Delta's board of directors.

"The airline industry is raking in billions, at the expense of workers on the frontlines of regional airlines," said AFA International President Sara Nelson. "Delta and the other major U.S. carriers are profiting from wage inequality. It's the same brand and the same passengers are buying tickets, but compensation for Delta Connection's first responders is 45 percent less.

Bridge the Gap is the campaign to end regional and mainline compensation disparity and lift standards for all Flight Attendants.

The Board of Directors of AFA-CWA rallied to "Bridge the Gap" in Atlanta.