AFA-CWA Calls on Airline Industry to Back Crews with Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Assault

AFA-CWA is calling on U.S. airline CEOs to renounce the past objectification of Flight Attendants, reinforce Flight Attendants' safety role onboard, and announce zero tolerance for sexual harassment and assault at the airlines.

"A national discussion on sexual assault and sexual harassment has lifted the veil on a silent epidemic in our society," said AFA President Sara Nelson. "As Flight Attendants, we have a unique opportunity to join a positive dialogue about the change we want to see. We must also recognize what this moment means for our careers, our flying partners, and all of the people on our planes."

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Nelson called on "airline chief executives to clearly and forcefully denounce the past objectification of Flight Attendants, reinforce our safety role as aviation's first responders and pledge zero tolerance of sexual harassment and sexual assault at the airlines."

Watch AFA-CWA's video on stamping out sexual harassment and assault.