The 2021 Avaya/CWA/IBEW Academic Awards Program is now LIVE! To be considered for the award, you must submit your application electronically by January 8, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. (Central Time).

This program is available to children of Avaya full-time and part-time represented employees. The enrollment guidelines and eligibility details can be found on Currents. Awards can be up to $ 6,500 and renewable for up to three years to help cover educational costs.

The Program has recently transitioned to an online application process. To apply to the 2021 Avaya/CWA/IBEW Academic Awards Program, the eligible student applicant should do the following:

Go to https://learnmore.scholarsapply.org/avaya/

Review all tabs on landing page: Eligibility, Awards, and Required Materials

Click “Apply Now”

Sign in, or create a new account under “First time here?” (click “I’m a student”)

Note:  no mail-in submissions will be accepted this year.

Scholarship America has partnered with Avaya for 20 years to help support the college-bound students of represented employees.

If you have any questions about the application process, call (507) 931-1682 or e-mail avaya@scholarshipamerica.org and refer to the 2021 Avaya/CWA/IBEW Academic Awards Program.