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John Mendoza, District 9

John Mendoza

Local 9408, Fresno, CA

John is a proud member of CWA Local 9408 in Fresno, California, where he has been a steward for nine years. He is currently vice president and a member of the Organizing and Legislative and Political Committees. He is an AT&T premise technician. When John is not on the job or at the union hall, you can find him spending as much time as possible with his wife and two kids.
“I first stepped up to be a steward,” says John, “because I was tired of seeing management pushing unreasonable expectations on workers. Now, I’m excited to become a Next Gen Lead Activist for our district because the labor movement needs younger members to be more active. Unfortunately, they often don’t understand all that our union does. I want to educate, support and build up the next generation of CWA.” 
John says he is looking forward to working with everyone on the Next Gen team to bring power back to working people, where it belongs. “Working people built this nation, and we have to unionize to strengthen and grow our movement again.”