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73rd CWA Convention Resolutions

Resolutions Approved by the 73rd CWA Convention (2011)

Members of the 73rd Convention Resolutions and Rules Committee:

  • John C. Smith, Executive Vice President, CWA Local 3204, Chair
  • Kevin Sheil, Vice President, CWA Local 1103
  • Paula Vinciguerra, President, CWA Local 2106
  • Mary Lou Schaffer, President, CWA Local 13550
  • Sheldon Neeley, President, NABET-CWA Local 54046/N46

73A-11-1: Strategic Industry Fund Distribution to Strengthen Our Union
73A-11-2: Protect Medicare, Strengthen Social Security
73A-11-3: Oppose Voter Suppression Laws that Weaken Our Democracy
73A-11-4: Oppose Colombia Free Trade Agreement
73A-11-5: State Campaigns and Movement Building

View or download the Resolutions (PDF)