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Firing Peter Robb Shows Biden’s Commitment to Preventing the Abuse of Corporate Power

Statement from CWA President Chris Shelton

By firing National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Peter Robb yesterday, President Joe Biden clearly demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that workers are free to build power and exercise their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Robb is a professional union buster who spent his term at the NLRB pushing his extreme anti-worker agenda instead of fulfilling the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act. The previous Administration put him in place so that corporate executives could have free reign to silence workers and prevent anyone from questioning their relentless pursuit of profit.

Robb’s firing is the critical first step toward restoring an NLRB that understands that the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act is to encourage collective bargaining and prevent the abuse of corporate power. Next steps include appointing a new General Counsel and NLRB members, and enacting legislation like the PRO Act to update our outdated labor laws. We are looking forward to working with President Biden as he continues to implement policies that empower and support working people.


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