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Call Your Senator to Stop Andy Puzder

The Department of Labor was created to help workers, but if Fast Food CEO Andy Puzder is put in charge it’s going to be all about keeping the bosses happy.

Puzder hired a union-busting company to intimidate workers who were organizing for better pay and working conditions at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. His company has stolen wages from hundreds of workers and he has attacked rules requiring that working people receive paid sick and family leave to take care of their families.

The only people whose jobs are going to be made easier by Puzder are anti-worker CEOs and their Wall Street buddies.

Call your Senator now to make your voice heard and stand up for workers - and against Andy Puzder.

Enter your phone number and zip code below and we will call you to connect you to your Senator's office. You may also call 855-534-1774 to connect.

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