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Britni Cuington, District 6

Britni, District 6

Local 6215; Dallas, TX

Britni is a Premise Technician with AT&T and a proud member of CWA Local 6215 in Dallas, Texas. She has been a union steward since 2018, and is also a member of CWA's Broadband Brigade. Britni has a son, Parker, who is 7 years old and has Autism. 

When asked about her path to union activism, Britni said, "I am very grateful for the benefits our union has bargained for because they aid in the care of my son, Parker, who requires a variety of therapies for his Autism. Eventually, I decided to get more involved in the union when I realized that our stewards did more than just represent members in meetings. They help educate and organize members to stick together and make positive changes at work. I'm excited about organizing my fellow young members and mentors in our District as they are an often untapped resource for our union."