Don't let billionaire corporate raiders take over our government to benefit their bank accounts at our expense.

Tom Price: Secretary of Health and Human Services

Funded By: Big Drug and Insurance Companies

If Tom Price is confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services, he will lead the charge to privatize Medicare.

A Tool of Big Drug and Insurance Companies

In Congress, Price received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from big drug and insurance companies that would benefit from his privatization agenda—and hurt working families.

Radical Views

Price's extreme positions favor corporate profits and hurt working families. He said, “nothing has had a greater negative effect on the delivery of health care than the federal government’s intrusion into medicine through Medicare.” [Politico, 2009]

Wants to Privatize Medicare

According to the Washington Post, “Price is a longtime advocate of a Medicare [privatization] where the government would provide assistance for seniors to buy private health insurance plans.” (Washington Post, 2016)

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Wilbur Ross: Secretary of Commerce

Funded By: WL Ross & Co.

This vulture investor made billions on the backs of workers.

Offshoring Thousands of Jobs

Ross is known as a “master of outsourcing to China.” Ross has a record of gutting American manufacturing companies, slashing their operations and offshoring their jobs to Mexico and China. [Daily Beast, 11/17/2016]

Firing Workers and Busting Unions

Ross “squeezes every last nickel out of [companies] by firing workers and shipping business lines offshore, and manages to profit in the exchange, usually by navigating the companies through bankruptcy.” [The Nation, 11/30/2016]

Neglecting Worker Safety, Leading to 12 Miners' Deaths

Ross owned the Sago coal mine where a dozen West Virginia miners were killed in 2006. He knew about hundreds of safety violations but did nothing. [The Nation, 11/15/2016]

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Andy Puzder: Secretary of Labor

Funded By: Hardee's/Carl's Jr.

This fast food multi-millionaire wants to slash worker protections.

Opposes Living Wage & Overtime Protection

Puzder would block an increase to the federal minimum wage and cut overtime protections, while making millions of dollars a year off the backs of minimum-wage fast food employees. [Business Insider, March 2016]

A Record of Union-Busting

Puzder’s company has hired union-busting  rms and been charged with  ring workers for engaging in union activity. [DOL; NLRB]

Cutting Jobs & Automating Service

Puzder wants to open fully automated restaurants, so he can replace workers with machines instead of paying a higher wage—and so he won’t have to worry about being sued for discrimination. (Business Insider, March 2016)

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Steve Mnuchin: Treasury Secretary

Funded By: Goldman Sachs

Known as "The Foreclosure King," Mnuchin helped bring on the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Aggressive Foreclosures on Seniors

OneWest, a bank owned by Mnuchin, stopped at nothing to foreclose on struggling homeowners during the financial crisis—including a 90-year-old woman who owed just 27 cents. [New York Daily News, 12/1/16]

All the Worst Practices on Wall Street

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Mnuchin “participate[d] in all the worst practices on Wall Street...spending two decades at Goldman Sachs helping the bank peddle the same kind of mortgage products that blew up the economy.” [Politico, 11/29/2016]

His Top Priority is Deregulating the Big Banks

Mnuchin has even admitted that his number one goal as Treasury Secretary is attacking the reforms intended to rein in “too big to fail” banks after the financial crisis—so they can go back to their dangerous ways. [Politico, 11/30/2016]

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