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Adrian Regalado, District 9


Local 9421; Sacramento, CA

Adrian Regalado was born and raised in Sacramento, California, where he now lives with his wife, son, and two daughters. Adrian worked at AT&T for nine years as a premise technician and became a member of CWA Local 9421. He became more involved with the Union after experiencing injustice in the workplace. During his first strike, he discovered the power of a union contract. When he realized how little job security young workers have, he became more involved in CWA Next Generation—first as a member, and then in 2018, as District 9 Lead Activist. Adrian has served Local 9421 in multiple roles, including Chief Steward, Executive Board member, Legislative and Political Director, CWA Strong Internal Organizing Coordinator, and Organizing Committee member. He is currently a Campaign Lead for District 9 over the CWA Strong campaign.

Adrian believes the labor movement can bring together workers’ rights and issues of social justice, LGBTQ and immigrants’ rights, and affordable housing. He is inspired by helping young workers drive the change they want to see and fight injustice through workplace solidarity.