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Progressive Policy

CWA at the Capitol

What is a Legislative Political Action Team (LPAT)?

  • LPATs are designed to strengthen CWA’s legislative and political grassroots structure and capacity.
  • LPATs increase Political Action Fund participation, mobilize voters, conduct letter-writing campaigns to support or reject key pieces of legislation, and organize phone banks.

Justice on the job and in our communities depends on the preservation of pro-worker legislation and government regulations that protect us where we work and live.

Corporations and the wealthiest Americans have increased their influence over state and federal legislation. This has tilted many laws and regulations against the interests of workers and the middle class. Through our activism in CWA, we can push back and give voice to workers’ concerns.

CWA Political and Legislative Efforts

  • Protect and enforce our rights to form a union and have collective bargaining.
  • Make sure that corporations and wealthy Americans pay their fair share of taxes and do not receive a disproportionate share of tax breaks.
  • Put the emphasis of public spending on meeting the needs of working Americans — access to affordable healthcare, workplace safety, child care, and a healthy environment.
  • Protect and strengthen the long-term financial health of Social Security and Medicare, as well as other programs that benefit working Americans.
  • Provide information on candidates’ positions on worker issues.



  • Rank-and-file lobbying. Support or maintain worker- and family-friendly legislation by volunteering to visit, phone, or write our elected lawmakers in state, local and federal government.
  • Workplace canvassing. Offer to survey co-workers’ views on public issues and to provide them with information on candidates.
  • Voter registration & get out the vote. Take part in voter registration efforts and get-out-the-vote drives prior to elections.
  • Supporting our allies. Make voluntary contributions to the CWA Political Action Fund to help ensure the election of lawmakers who support workers’ rights and interests.
  • Join local community coalitions. Fight to make our communities safe, to protect our right to vote, and to keep jobs in our hometowns.