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Glenn Youngkin Made a Career of Sending Jobs Overseas

As an executive at the private-equity firm the Carlyle Group, Glenn Youngkin oversaw investments that moved thousands of American jobs offshore, including CWA-represented call center jobs. 

With Youngkin at the helm, the Carlyle Group bought a controlling stake in a call-center outsourcing company based in China called VXI Global Solutions. The company staffed approximately 3,000 AT&T call center jobs in the Philippines that displaced CWA-represented jobs in the US. Youngkin and his wealthy clients turned a profit, while workers and communities suffered. 

Despite the harm to thousands of workers, who have lost good jobs, Youngkin is proud of his track-record of sending American jobs overseas, saying at a campaign event,"I will never walk away from anything I did in my business career."

We need a Governor in Virginia who fights for good jobs in our communities, not just their own business interests. That’s why CWA is proud to endorse Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor. 

Election Day is November 2. Early voting is happening now through October 30! Make your voice heard.

Find your local registration office.