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76th CWA Convention Resolutions

Resolutions Approved by the 76th CWA Convention (2017)

Members of the 76th Convention Resolutions and Rules Committee:

  • Kimberly Gallardo, Executive Vice President, Local 4123, Chair
  • Shawn Ludwig, President, Local 1038
  • James Cutter, President, Local 2106
  • Judy Lugo, President, Local 6186
  • Cheryl Bacon, Secretary, Local 59053

Resolution 76A-17-01 CWA STRONG

Resolution 76A-17-02 A New NAFTA? Working Families Are Watching.

Resolution 76A-17-03 Call Center Offshoring and Outsourcing

Resolution 76A-17-04 Workers’ Rights are Human Rights: The Fight Forward

Resolution 76A-17-05 A Fair Tax and Budget Program for Working People and Our Communities

Resolution 76A-17-06 CWA Opposition to Islamophobia

Resolution 76A-17-07 Defend the Right to Report and the People’s Right to Know