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2019 CWA Convention Delegates Elect National and District Leaders

Christopher Shelton was re-elected CWA President by acclamation of delegates to the 2019 CWA convention in Las Vegas. Sara Steffens was re-elected CWA Secretary-Treasurer.

Sector election results:

  • Lisa Bolton was re-elected Vice President of the Telecommunications and Technology sector

  • UCW-CWA Local 3865 Vice President Margaret Cook was elected Vice President of the Public, Health Care and Education Workers sector

Election results for District Vice Presidents:

  • In District 1, Dennis Trainor was re-elected

  • In District 2-13, Ed Mooney was re-elected

  • In District 3, Richard Honeycutt was re-elected

  • In District 4, Linda Hinton was re-elected

  • In District 6, Claude Cummings was re-elected

  • In District 7, Brenda Roberts was re-elected

  • In District 9, Frank Arce was elected

Election results for at-large diversity members of the Executive Board:

  • Carolyn Wade, President of CWA Local 1040, was re-elected for the Northeast region

  • Vera Mikell, Executive Vice President of CWA Local 2205, was re-elected for the Southeast region

  • Erika White, CWA Local 4319 Vice President, was elected for the Central region

  • Dante Harris, President of AFA-CWA Local Council 12/AFA-CWA Local 29012, was elected for the Western region