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Jul 16, 2014

Report from Berlin: Global Trade Deals Can No Longer Include Investor-State Dispute Settlement

ISDS as an element in any trade deal is a non-starter. Read More

Jul 10, 2014

North Carolina Pre-season Political Boot Camp

As the 2014 midterm elections loom large, members from 16 CWA locals in North Carolina gathered in Charlotte this week to participate in an intensive one-day political training boot camp to prepare. Read More

Jun 11, 2014

3 Million Americans Without A Safety Net


This week America hit a distressing milestone: More than 3 million long-term unemployed workers are without benefits.

Read More

Jun 10, 2014

Here’s Another Reminder of Why We’re Building a Movement

Along comes a news story that is so infuriating that it jolts us into action. This is one of them. Read More

Jun 6, 2014

T-Mobile CEO Salary Equals Pay of 2,000 Call Center Workers

Amber Diaz, a former T-Mobile US employee who was unjustly fired for exercising her rights to organize a union, stood up and asked a question thats been on the minds of so many of her coworkers: How can T-Mobile pay its CEO millions of dollars, while its call center workers earn so little they are forced to rely on government assistance? Read More