Customer Service Advocate Committee

The Customer Service Program has a 10-member Advocate Committee that helps guide the work of the program. The committee has representatives from each of the seven districts and the Telecommunications and Technology, News Guild, and IUE-CWA sectors. These representatives: provide insight on the concerns of members, input on program priorities, participate in the program’s activities with the support of their local and district leadership and encourage engagement and action from fellow customer service members.

Below, you can meet our Advocate Committee and read each of their biographies.

District 1

Karen LeeMou, Steward, Local 1105 - Read Karen's Bio

District 2-13

David Tolbert, Steward, Local 2106 - Read David's Bio

District 3

Lori Manuel, Executive Vice President, Local 3640 - Read Lori's Bio

District 4

Katie Gates, President, Local 4371

District 6

Dianna Brooks, Executive Vice President, Local 6016 - Read Dianna's bio

District 7

Kristie McCarty, Executive Vice President, Local 37083

District 9

Lisa Vausbinder-Shafer, President, Local 9575

Telecommunications and Technologies Sector

Doug Johnson, Chief Steward and Interim Secretary-Treasurer, Local 6215 - Read Doug's bio

The News Guild

Martin Yost, Staff Representative, Local 39521 - Read Martin's bio


Mary Dado, President, Local 81408