CWA represents more than 140,000 workers in the Public, Healthcare and Education sector. The PH&E sector represents blue and white-collar workers in Federal, State, Local and Municipal Government, Healthcare, Education and Public Safety.

The workers we represent are comprised of teachers, maintenance and sanitation workers, probation officers, security officers, food service workers, computer technicians, life guards, park attendants, doctors, lawyers, accountants, mail clerks, nurses, correction officers, police, firemen, investigators, dentists, drivers, social workers, writers, technicians, photographers, telephone operators, library workers, nutritionists, childcare providers, building service workers, researchers, scientists, architects, reporters, (physical) therapists and home health aides.

PH&E members work in hospitals, correction facilities, nursing homes, and in colleges and universities. They work for public, private and non-profit organizations that provide and maintain many of the services that Americans see as essential for our quality of life.