UNI Global Union Leadership Pledges Support for U.S. Bank Workers at CWA Convention

At the 2019 CWA Convention, frontline bank workers from Wells Fargo, BNP Paribas (Bank of the West), and Santander met with bank workers from Italy, Brazil, and Luxembourg to build global solidarity to hold the management of big banks accountable to workers and consumers. After hearing firsthand from the workers how stressful and abusive working conditions are in the U.S., UNI Finance leaders committed their support to making sure U.S. bank workers gain the same rights as bank workers in other countries.

"One-third of all finance workers are in the U.S., but they are the only ones without a trade union," said Angelo Di Cristo, Head of Department at UNI Finance, "We are committed to supporting CWA's campaign to organize American bank workers so they can have the same dignity and rights as the three million bank workers around the globe who are already members of a trade union."

CWA President Chris Shelton and Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens welcomed U.S. bank workers and international leaders of UNI Finance Global Union as guests to the 2019 CWA Convention in Las Vegas.