February 25, 2009

Copy Desk: Local 2202's Newsletter Gets the Copy Desk Treatment

We've revised a story from Local 2202's CWA Voice, the subject of our first "Extreme Makeover: Newsletter Edition."

February 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover: CWA Voice, the publication of CWA Local 2202

We'd like to thank CWA Local 2202 for offering to be a "Makeover" participant. Local 2202, produces a newsletter called CWA Voice. Let's see if we can make it better.

April 30, 2008

Ask the Experts: Media Coverage

We're planning a rally. How do we get good media coverage? Click "Read More" for the answer...

April 10, 2008

Ask the Experts: Op Eds and Letters to the Editor

How do I submit an opinion piece (an "op-ed") or a "letter to the editor" to my local newspaper? Click "Read More" to see the answer...

December 20, 2007

Ask the Experts: Bylines and Credits

Should local newsletter use bylines and photo credits? Click "Read More" to see the answer...

December 12, 2007

Ask the Experts: Permissions

Do I need permission to use cartoons, artwork or photos that I see in other labor publications? Click "Read More" to see the answer...

December 10, 2007

Ask the Experts: Getting stories for your newsletter

I've become editor of our local's newsletter, but people aren't sending in stories. What can I do to get people to provide me with stories? Click "Read More" to see the answer...

December 8, 2007

Ask the Experts: E-Mailing multiple recipients

How do you send out a mass e-mail without showing all of the recipients' e-mail addresses? We've been copying all of the e-mail addresses into the "To:" section of the e-mail program, but when it goes out this way the e-mail shows all of the addresses, cluttering the page and raising our members' privacy concerns. Click "Read More" to see the answer...

October 5, 2007

How-To Guide: Using Pronouns Correctly and Other Editing Tips

In spoken language, pronoun errors go by instantly and will likely not be remembered. Not so, however, with the written word.

October 4, 2007

How-To Guide: Union Privilege Editors' Toolkit

Union Privilege has made it easier than ever before to have a full range of ads and promotional materials right at your fingertips.

October 4, 2007

How-To Guide: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Tips for making your captions crisp, clear and stylistically consistent

October 3, 2007

How-To Guide: Simple Tips for Effective Writing

It's tough to grind out newsletter or web copy, but don't let writing intimidate you. The International Labor Communications Association has published "Writing I," a 14-page, common sense guide for union newsletter writers.

October 2, 2007

How-To Guide: Libel Law: What Every Reporter Must Know

As any reporter or editor know, libel law is complicated. "But ignorance is no defense," cautions Doug Pierce

October 2, 2007

How-To Guide: Leading the Way

You know it as the first paragraph. Journalists call it the lead, or in real journo-style, the lede.

October 2, 2007

How-To Guide: Rules That Aren't

When in doubt about rules in writing and editing, common sense is rule number one.

October 2, 2007

How-To Guide: Working with the Media

Gaining positive coverage in newspapers, television and radio - or heading off negative stories - doesn't just happen. It takes advance preparation and consistent efforts by CWA locals and officers. It's sometimes hard work, but the benefits of developing an effective media operation are great. CWA's guide for locals will help you do it.