Retirees Speak Up at Meeting with Verizon CEO

Verizon held its 2016 shareowners meeting On May 5 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As you might imagine I, Jeanette Spoor, RMC President of Chapter 1102 along with many CWA members and retirees attended. The union submitted and spoke on a number of shareowner proposals. The “open mike,” or questions portion of the meeting was eliminated, I would guess because of the strike.

However, after the formal meeting had adjourned, Verizon’s CEO Lowell C. McAdam did meet with CWA members and retirees. On our own we questioned McAdam as to why Verizon hasn’t given retirees a cost of living adjustment in pension payments in 25 years. We demanded, “You have nice little posters up here saying how much the company is making,” referring to McAdam’s presentation to retirees. “If we’re such a great company, how come you can’t help the people who built that company by giving them a cost of living allowance.” We continued, “Verizon is too profitable, that is inexcusable for you not share the profits with the people who made this company.”

McAdams response “I appreciate your perspective.” Read more on the results of the CWA-Verizon agreement.