Replace Hate with Love

CWA mourns the victims of the massacre in Orlando. There is no room in our country for such hatred, yet such tragedies are occurring far too often.

The investigation into this tragedy is ongoing. However, it's clear that LGBTQ people were targeted by the gunman. We call on this country to replace hate with love.

Shamefully, some elements already are using this horrific tragedy to push their political agenda and are condemning President Obama for his call to our nation to respect all people and all faiths.

We stand with the president who has called this massacre an act of terror, in this case directed at LGBTQ Americans, and join all Americans who are sickened by the continuing carnage and loss of innocent life in our nation. We agree with the president that thoughts and prayers are not enough. We join in the demand for changes that will restore responsible gun ownership to communities across the nation.