Statement from Communications Workers of America President Chris Shelton on President Trump’s announcement that Eugene Scalia is his new pick for Secretary of Labor

Friday, July 19, 2019

“It’s no surprise that President Trump’s new pick for Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia, has a long record of representing big business at the expense of working people. He’s spent his whole career helping big business clients shirk their responsibility to treat their workers with respect and dignity, while also taking special interest in dismantling Wall Street regulations that protect consumers. In case that’s not enough, Scalia worked to defend Walmart when they fired whistleblowers who reported misconduct, telling you everything you need to know about which side he’s on.”

“Scalia’s record shows that he is a terrible pick for Secretary of Labor, and CWA members are ready to fight against the inevitable onslaught of more new anti-worker regulation from the Trump administration if he assumes the job.”

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