Rep. Al Green (D-TX) Pens Letter to American Airlines CEO Doug Parker Urging Good Faith Negotiations with Envoy Passenger Service Agents

Green Says Without A New Fair Contract, Envoy Agents Will Face Economic Hardship That Will Affect the Communities Where They Live and Work
Friday, November 9, 2018

In a new letter to American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) is urging good faith negotiations with the Envoy Passenger Service Agents represented by the Communication Workers of America to provide fair compensation and a living wage and benefits for Envoy Agents. Green’s letter argues that these negotiations are critical for reaching the goals set by American Airlines’ board and shareholders and that without a new, fair, contract, Envoy Agents and the communities that they live in, will be adversely impacted.


Rep. Green’s letter reiterates concern he voiced earlier this year when he joined 80 members of Congress who called on American Airlines to support living wages for Envoy passenger service agents. According to that letter, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker made more than $11.3 million in 2017; his company posted $1.9 billion profits; yet thousands of Envoy agents make as little as $9.48 an hour.

The letter’s signatories called on American Airlines to follow through on promises made in support of recent corporate tax cuts, encouraging the company to ensure workers’ salaries “provide for the ability to support themselves and their families.”

“It’s shameful that at a massive, profitable corporation like American Airlines many employees must worry about having enough money to keep their lights on and their children fed,” said Chris Shelton, President of the Communications Workers of America. “CWA is committed to negotiating a fair contract for passenger service agents at American's wholly-owned Envoy subsidiary and standing up to big companies like American that are trying to take advantage of working people. American should listen to the growing calls of elected officials, the agents and their union family and agree to sustainable, family-supporting wages for all of its passenger service agents.”


  • Three-thousand eight hundred Communications Workers of America (CWA)-represented passenger service agents at American Airlines subsidiary Envoy Airlines have been negotiating a first contract with the company for more than two years. The most recent bargaining session took place earlier this week.
  • Agents have been speaking out about poverty pay at the company. At Envoy, they are paid as little as $9.48 an hour, forcing many to work extremely long hours and rely on food stamps and other forms of public assistance. These conditions are also fueling significant turnover among Envoy agents, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary training and hiring costs for the company.
  • The agents work at some of the nation’s biggest and busiest airports as well as smaller regional airports that connect flyers to travel destinations around the country. They provide services essential to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for flyers, such as managing pre-flight checks, de-escalating tense situations and helping passengers re-book their flights during inclement weather. The work done by agents at Envoy and American’s other regional carriers is also an increasingly vital component of the company’s overall business health, with regional subsidiaries operating 53 percent of American’s flights and bringing in 75 percent more revenue than the mainline carrier per available seat mile.
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