In Boost for Efforts to Gain a Union Voice, GDIT Workers Win Settlement

Agreement Nullifies Tainted Election Results, Requires Company to Pledge to Refrain from Anti-Union Actions
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In a victory for workers at General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. (GDIT), the company agreed to a settlement that vacates 2017 union election results at its former Alexandria, Virginia facility that were tainted by GDIT’s union busting activities, and requires the company to send a notice to all affected employees pledging not to engage in those anti-union activities in the future.

In the notice, GDIT pledges not to lie to workers by telling them voting for union representation is futile because it would take an “act of Congress” to increase their wages (a claim that GDIT has made in the past); not to threaten employees with the loss of financial benefits if they choose to be represented by the union; not to misinform employees by telling them that the company will lose its contract with the government if they choose to be represented by the union; not to threaten to withhold improvements to employees’ working conditions unless they oppose gaining union representation; and not to adopt or maintain a rule that prohibits employees from attempting to persuade another to support or join efforts to gain union representation.

The promises contained in the notice are not limited to the Alexandria, Virginia facility. GDIT is required to refrain from the type of unlawful conduct addressed in the notice at any of its facilities around the country.

Sabrina Batts-Hopson, a customer service professional at the Alexandria facility said: “We feel vindicated by this settlement. We knew what management at GDIT was doing was wrong, and we didn’t believe we got a fair election. We’re happy the board found merit to our charges and that GDIT has agreed to stop spreading misinformation to its workers.”

GDIT is facing much scrutiny for its anti-worker practices, including from Congress. In March, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) issued a letter calling on General Dynamics to ensure that the company is not illegally underpaying its federally contracted call center employees and is not violating its employees’ freedom to join together to negotiate better pay and working conditions.

In February, the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against GDIT for threatening employees and falsely telling them that only Congress could raise their wages. Since January, more than 2,000 current and former GDIT call center workers have come forward to call on the Department of Labor (DOL) to investigate violations of prevailing wage law at the company.

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