CWA Supports For the People Act’s Bold Action to Reclaim Our Democracy for Working Families

Friday, January 4, 2019

Yesterday’s introduction of H.R. 1, the For the People Act, demonstrates that the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives understands the need for fundamental reform of our political system.

“Corporate CEOs and the wealthiest 1% have spent decades rigging the political process to reduce the power of working people,” said Chris Shelton, president of the Communications Workers of America. “By making it harder for working people to vote, stacking the courts with activist judges who have allowed our elections to be flooded with massive amounts of unreported corporate money, and weakening ethics rules, they have advanced an agenda that has devastated communities across America. The For the People Act is a bold step toward bringing balance to our democracy.”

As a founding organization of the Democracy Initiative, CWA has been a leader in fighting to expand voting rights, get big money out of politics and reform our democratic institutions. CWA members have supported successful state and local initiatives to make sure everyone is included and represented including last year’s restoration of voting rights for over a million Florida residents with felony convictions who had completed their sentences and public campaign financing systems in Seattle, Maryland and Maine.

“CWA members want to keep good jobs with family-supporting wages and benefits in their communities, make sure that their workplaces are safe, and have the freedom to join with their co-workers in their union to make improvements at work,” said Shane Larson, CWA’s legislative director. “They know that without national reforms like the ones in the For the People Act, the corruption in our political system means more tax cuts for corporations, more incentives for offshoring, the elimination of health and safety protections and less power at the bargaining table.”

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