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CWA Delivers 7,100 Petitions to the FCC on Business Data Services Proposal

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Washington, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America delivered 7,184 petitions to the Federal Communications Commission today, from union and digital activists nationwide, calling on the Commission to give careful review to proposals to regulate business data services, keeping the priorities of broadband buildout and job creation front and center.

The petition said:

“I oppose the FCC’s plan to change Business Data Services rules to favor non-union companies like Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless over telecom companies that invest billions in high-speed networks and employ union workers. These changes would make it more difficult for companies to make investments in the infrastructure rural areas need to build strong economies.”

CWA has pointed out that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to radically cut rates for some elements of business data services “will have a devastating effect on investment needed for broadband expansion, especially in rural areas.” It also would create pressure on companies to cut jobs, resulting in a decline of workers’ living standards, CWA said.

To meet the Commission’s goal of broadband buildout, expanding access to high speed networks for all Americans, and creating good jobs, it’s critical to have more, not less investment in fiber, CWA said.

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