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CWA: AT&T-Time Warner Merger Must be Assessed on Merits, Not Politics

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Communications Workers of America supports the merger of AT&T and Time Warner and opposes efforts by the Trump administration to insert politics into a process that should be decided on the merits.

“This merger is about maintaining and creating good U.S. jobs and developing new and innovative ways to deliver technology and content,” said CWA President Chris Shelton.  “A merged AT&T-Time Warner would provide much-needed new competition to companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, where working people don’t have union representation.”

Efforts to force AT&T to divest DIRECTV, CNN or both, are a transparent effort by the Department of Justice or others in the Trump administration to go after a company that candidate and President Trump has consistently attacked and considers “fake news.”   Freedom of the press is a foundation of our democracy. It needs to be protected, not abused.  

 "While the Trump Administration is busy politicizing this process, it’s putting working people's livelihoods at risk.  A forced divestiture of DIRECTV would strip bargaining rights from those employees, while the forced divestiture of CNN would be a further roadblock in the fight by CNN employees to finally win justice on the job,” Shelton said.

Many regulatory experts have indicated that the AT&T-Time Warner merger is a vertical merger that wouldn’t reduce competition. The Department of Justice has reached out to several state Attorneys General to join the lawsuit; none has done so to this date, press reports have noted.

Department of Justice regulators approved a similar merger of Comcast and NBC in 2011. The difference between that merger and the AT&T-Time Warner deal seems to be that in 2011, the president of the U.S. was not engaged in a public vendetta against the broadcast network, as President Trump appears to be today. 


CWA represents about 700,000 men and women in telecommunications, media and broadcast, airlines, public service and manufacturing, including about 10,000 DIRECTV workers and several hundred workers at CNN.

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