Presidential Candidates Support MAXIMUS Workers’ Fight to Form A Union

Presidential candidates Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Governor Jay Inslee (who has now dropped out of the race), announced their support in recent days for MAXIMUS call center workers as they join together for better working conditions.

In a video message that was played for MAXIMUS National Organizing Committee members who met earlier this month in Richmond, Virginia, Warren said, “I stand with you in your fight to organize at MAXIMUS to be able to bargain collectively and get fair wages for the vital work you do for our government.”

Sanders, who has met in the past with workers at the call centers that MAXIMUS now operates for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, tweeted his support for MAXIMUS workers, declaring “I stand with them in their fight.”

“I’m so excited to know that you’re making an effort to create a union at MAXIMUS,” said Inslee in a video message to workers. “People having the ability to form a union is fundamental to America. I want to encourage you and tell you that I support you.”

“More and more people are joining our movement for the better pay and working conditions we deserve at MAXIMUS call centers every week,” said Sheronda Dove, a dual-trained Medicare and Federal ACA Marketplace agent at MAXIMUS’ call center in Hattiesburg, Miss. “It’s inspiring to see that we have leaders like Senator Warren, Governor Inslee, and Senator Sanders backing us up. It motivates me to know that we have their support, and makes me more confident that our organizing will be successful.