Pickup Tour Rolls On in Ohio, Pennsylvania

On Labor Day weekend, CWAers and other activists on the Midwest Pickup Tour rallied for good jobs in Youngstown and Lorain, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania.

On Sept. 3 in Lorain, at the annual Labor Day picnic, CWAers presented a boxing glove signed by CWA call center members to staff of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D), thanking the Senator for being a fighter for good U.S. jobs and for moving federal call center legislation forward. They also presented hundreds of petitions from CWA call center members supporting the measure.

In Youngstown, the previous day, state elected leaders, CWAers, and allies came together to push for state and federal legislation to keep good jobs in the U.S. Several members of the Ohio State Senate joined the rally and pledged support for the Consumer Call Center Protection Act. "It just holds companies responsible for offshoring jobs, especially if they have received state loans or grants," said State Senator Lepore-Hagan. 

CWA District 4 Representative Ron Gay and Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, the organization formed following the 2016 presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, were among the speakers.

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The Midwest Pickup Tour was organized by CWA and Good Jobs Nation to hold President Trump and elected officials accountable for the promises they've made to bring back good jobs to the U.S.