Organizing Update

The Los Angeles Times

Employees at the L.A. Times are working to join together in the NewsGuild-CWA to improve working conditions, raise pay, improve benefits, and improve worker protections. The newspaper's parent company, Tronc, has responded to the efforts by distributing anti-union flyers and holding meetings to try to persuade workers not to organize.

The L.A. Times Guild organizing committee writes on its newly-launched website: "Tronc has no argument for why Los Angeles Times journalists should not enjoy the same Guild representation – the same voice in our futures – as our peers at other major news organizations. So Tronc is instructing newsroom managers to tell us scary stories about pay cuts, layoffs, strikes, dues and that old standby, that the union is an outsider. The union is, in fact, the creation of a grassroots committee of journalists from the newsroom determined to address years of mistreatment by an out-of-touch corporation."

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