The Bargaining Committee met with the company today and the company continues to pass regressive proposals.  We were forced to reject their entire package and countered with proposals lifting your standard of living and bringing dignity and respect to the workplace. 

We received an overwhelming 92% “YES”  on the Strike Authorization votes.  Your Bargaining Committee Thanks every member who voted to stand up and fight back against corporate greed! Now, ask your Managers if they are ready to take calls and work with customers demanding service… Our contract  is scheduled to expire at midnight Saturday, July 23rd, 2016. Your Bargaining Committee is working hard to get us all a fair contract and we want to get it in on time!


Fighting for Fairness

One Voice One Union

Please get involve with you local union and take action with your Mobilization Team. Stay tune for further updates!

Mobilize     Mobilize     Mobilize     Mobilize


“ Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow” ~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


In Solidarity,


Your CWA Internet Services Bargaining Committee

Ruth Marriott – CWA Staff Representative Bargaining Chair, T&T, Washington DC

Mayette Arii – Vice President CWA 9413,, District 9

Tim Skaggs – Steward, Local 6215, District 6