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NewsGuild Calls for National Legislation to End Non-Compete Agreements for Junior Employees

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Following an investigation by the New York attorney general's office into whether companies like Law360 that require junior-level employees to sign non-compete agreements violate labor laws, Bernie Lunzer, president of The NewsGuild-CWA made the following statement:

"A non-compete clause is an outrageous demand that adds insult to injury for poorly paid employees, limiting their right and ability to better themselves by seeking new challenges and higher pay. Usually we're not talking about people with long and specialized careers, but young and less experienced workers who are trying to climb the career ladder and fully join America's middle class. These clauses can literally derail their future success. We applaud the New York attorney general's office for recognizing this, but we believe that changing employers' practices will require more action. The NewsGuild-CWA is discussing a push for national legislation to put an end to these senseless clauses and the unjust limits they put on journalists and other workers."