Keep the Pressure on to Extend PSP Program and Save Thousands of Jobs

With just six days left to extend the critical payroll support program (PSP), a provision of the CARES Act that has kept thousands of aviation workers on payroll, CWA members are mobilizing across the country to put pressure on Senators and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to take action. CWA passenger service agents and AFA-CWA Flight Attendants are among those whose jobs are at risk if the program isn’t extended.​

This week, Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduced the Air Carrier Worker Support Extension Act of 2020 to address this crisis. An attempt to move the bill quickly on Wednesday night failed when Republican Senators Pat Toomey (Pa.), Rick Scott (Fla.), and Rand Paul (Ky.) utilized an obscure Senate rule that required unanimous approval of all 100 Senators for it to pass. The bill is unlikely to move forward as a standalone bill, and we need to keep the pressure on to make sure that a bill including protection for airline workers' jobs, public health, and critical public services is passed quickly.

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A group of about 30 CWAers rallied outside of Colorado Senator Cory Gardner's downtown office to make sure Gardner knows that his constituents are expecting him to do everything he can to get the PSP program extended and save thousands of aviation jobs.