Your CWA Bargaining Team is proud to announce the Tentative Agreement reached with OFS on June 29, 2016!  This agreement will mean substantial increases for every member with the cumulative amount in excess of 16.5% over four years.  This comes as a result of our increase moving back to the expiration of the contract rather than waiting for the increase until January.   In addition to the general wage increase, we were successful in increasing seven day coverage differential pay, as well as a $1000.00 bonus in year one upon ratification and another $1000.00 in year three. For the first time, we were successful locking in health care costs without substantial increases over this four year agreement!  An additional medical plan option was negotiated, and the premium medical plan is an option for every existing member as well as future members.  There is no premium increases or any plan design changes for our Retiree’s.  A lump sum option is now available for the pension plan.  Full details are included following this letter.

As you know, when we started the Company wanted to increase our healthcare costs, premiums, reduce options and give very little in compensation to you for making this Company successful.  Without each and every one of you helping us by mobilizing, wearing red, talking to co-workers, getting everyone ready and standing strong with your Bargaining Committee we achieved this Contract.  The Unity shown between Norcross and Sturbridge made all the difference!  The entire Bargaining Committee enthusiastically support and recommend ratification!

In Unity,

Isa Shabazz CWA Staff – Chair

James Brown  CWA Local 3263

Chris LaPierre  CWA Local 1400

Keri Evinson  CWA Local 1400