Labor to Cuomo: Keep up the Fight for Public Financing of Elections

National Presidents of CWA, SEIU, and UAW Urge Governor to “Empower the people of New York”

Washington, D.C. – Adding new momentum in the fight to clean up Albany, the presidents of three national labor unions are commending New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his leadership in pressing for public funding of elections in the state, and urging him to keep up the fight.

In a letter to the Governor, the presidents of the UAW, SEIU and Communications Workers of America write that “uniting us all is a commitment to the idea that all workers deserve a voice and that in a democracy, wealth should not determine political powers. The status quo systems of elections in New York, with their sky-high donation limits and lack of public matching funds, undermine these principles.”

In his State of the State Address, Governor Cuomo called for a public financing of elections system modeled on New York City’s successful system of matching small, grassroots contributions with public grants for qualified candidates. The Presidents write that extending such a program statewide “would provide a beacon of hope that our democracy can effectively respond to the voice of the people.”

The full letter follows and is available online at