CWAers Pressure State Legislators to Protect Call Center Jobs

CWAers across the country are making progress on passing legislation to protect call center jobs from offshoring! Here are the new updates on CWA members' hard work to pass state legislation:


Alabama CWA locals were well represented at the state capitol in Montgomery last week as leaders from locals all over the state attended the Alabama AFL-CIO Legislative Roadkill BBQ. The event has become widely attended by legislators and other elected officials, and CWA members used the opportunity to speak to legislators about supporting CWA’s call center legislation and about AT&T’s broken tax cut bill promises. CWA leaders also met with call center bill sponsor Rep. Tim Wadsworth (R-Ala.).

On Wednesday, 40 activists and officers from CWA Locals 7019, 7026 and 7050 attended the Arizona AFL-CIO’s Day of Action at the Capitol along with other unions. CWAers met with lawmakers to urge them to support HB 2530, CWA’s call center legislation.