CWA Opposes FCC Proposal to Cap Universal Service Fund

CWA filed comments last week with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in opposition to the FCC's recent proposal to cap the Universal Service Fund (USF). The USF supports four programs designed to provide universal quality access to voice and broadband services at just, reasonable, and affordable rates: the Connect America Fund for rural communities, the Schools and Libraries program or E-Rate, the Lifeline program for low-income households, and the Rural Health Care program.

"By capping the USF and forcing programs to compete for resources, the Commission risks undermining the USF programs, negatively impacting a wide range of stakeholders and beneficiaries including low-income people, schools, libraries, children, rural health care facilities and patients, Native tribes, as well as those who live in rural and remote areas across the United States," CWA said in its comments to the FCC. "Capping the USF and thereby reducing the subsidies it provides would not only reduce the number of households that can afford Internet connections, it would impact everyone."