Bargaining and Mobilization Update

Cathay Pacific Airlines

U.S.-based Cathay Pacific Airlines flight attendants, represented by AFA-CWA, voted last week to ratify a first contract. The three-year agreement provides immediate pay increases, backpay, schedule flexibility, and retirement security for flight attendants based at SFO, LAX, and JFK.

“Cathay Pacific flight attendants based in the U.S. voted by 97% to join AFA-CWA and used that overwhelming solidarity to win the improvements that drove their organizing campaign, said Sara Nelson, AFA-CWA International President. “These flight attendants inspire all of us with their commitment to each other, to our union, and to our work as aviation's first responders. We congratulate the Cathay Pacific flight attendants' leaders, activists and members.”


Negotiations opened last week for a first collective bargaining contract for 52 workers at Altice in Beckley and Logan, West Virginia, where Altice provides cable, phone and internet services under its Suddenlink brand. The CWA union bargaining team emphasized the need for Altice to negotiate a fair contract with its workers that improves job security and puts a stop to the company outsourcing work to contractors.


On August 16, a large group of Nebraska Senators sent a letter to Nokia Executive Vice President Ricky Corker urging the company to continue to provide health and life insurance to retirees at their now-closed Omaha telecommunications locations as Nokia continues to implement an ill-advised corporate restructuring that aims to eliminate the entire CWA bargaining unit and replace its installers with subcontractors.

“Our sisters and brothers at Nokia have carefully planned their lives around the company’s longstanding commitments to provide them with the health and life care they need,” said Lisa Bolton, CWA Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President. “We will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that the people who have long contributed to Nokia’s success get a fair and equitable contract and continued retirement security. CWA members remain rock solid on holding Nokia accountable to the obligations it has made to its current and former employees.”