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Fast Track is the Wrong Track

Across the country, CWA activists joined with Sierra Club, Green Peace, Food and Water Watch, Common Cause and dozens of other allies in an unprecedented ten days of action aimed at stopping "fast track" legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements.

CWAers aginst the TPP CWA-IUE Activist showing support to stop the TPP

Activists met with members of Congress in their home districts, held in-person rallies and other actions, organized worksite phone calling for a national "Call Congress" day and encouraged thousands of CWAers to sign an online petition to stop "fast track." From upstate New York to San Diego to San Antonio and just about everywhere in between, CWAers were making sure that their senators and representatives got the message: Say No to Fast Track and the TPP.

CWA Activists joined with Sierra Club and other to show support for Stop the TPP