CWA supports efforts which encourage building out the high speed networks that our economy and millions of Americans need.   However, we believe the U.S. Congress should move forward where this is a broad consensus on rules of the road for the wireline Internet while continuing to clarify the record on emerging issues.

The communications network in the United States is far behind the rest of the world.  That’s why we support targeted legislation to enshrine the FCC net neutrality/open Internet principles while speeding up build out and closing the digital divide in the meantime. We need to ensure Americans in poorer urban areas and rural communities have access to the opportunities they have worked for and deserve.

Ensuring the continued investment in broadband expansion is critical. It will take up to an estimated $350 billion to deploy broadband nationally; those underserved by broadband cannot afford a decrease in future investments as we slip further and further behind in savings and opportunity provided by connectivity.  Nor can American workers, who we must rely upon to build out broadband infrastructure across the country.  In this turbulent economic climate, the goal of closing the digital divide and creating jobs in our communities should be at the forefront of our broadband policy agenda at this time.

The lack of high speed broadband has real implications for our country's economic growth, productivity future, and educational development. We must bring America into the digital age, because communities all over the nation need broadband to survive. Our union is fighting in Washington and on the ground for 1 gigabyte of broadband service to anchor institutions - hospitals, schools and libraries - in every community, especially rural and poorer urban areas as a start. CWA is building a new economy and this is where it starts. Help make our dream of a truly connected world- where nobody gets left behind - a reality.