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Freedom Clips

  • CWA Vote Them Out | Tax Scam (YouTube)
    • GOP Tax Scam Broken Down - The corporate media likes to talk about taxes as if they are the same for everyone but history tells us a different story.
  • Crises of Capitalism (YouTube)
    • We have a Capitalism crisis on our hands. In another informative video by RSA Animate, celebrated academic David Harvey looks beyond capitalism towards a new social order. Can we find a more responsible, just, and humane economic system?
  • "Right to Work" Is Wrong (YouTube)
    • Robert Reich: Why “Right to Work” is Wrong for Workers - Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, explains the truth behind so-called “Right to Work” laws and how they hurt working families.

Movies for the Movement

  • Economic Injustice
    • Inside Job
    • The Corporation
  • Race
    • At the River I Stand
    • 13th
  • Gender
    • The Mask You Live In
    • Miss Representation
    • Pride
    • Stonewall Uprising
  • Environmental Justice
    • Gasland
    • Crude
  • Health
    • What the Health
    • The C-Word