Based on the 116th Congress (2019-2020) U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives legislation tracker.

The Communications Workers of America Legislative-Political Department compiles a scorecard to educate and inform citizens about members of Congress’ record of support for pro-worker legislation. The scores are based on votes on key legislation related to pro-worker legislation and workers rights. Select a state to learn more about the views of its Congressional delegation.

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CWA Congressional Scorecard District/State Directory

District 1 (CT  MA  ME  NH  NJ  NY  RI  VT)

District 2-13 (DE  DC  MD  PA  VA  WV)

District 3 (AL  FL  GA  KY  LA  MS  NC  PR  SC  TN  VI)

District 4 (IL  IN  MI  OH  WI)

District 6 (AR  KS  MO  OK  TX)

District 7 (AK  AZ  CO  IA  ID  MN  MT  ND  NE  NM  OR  SD  UT  WA  WY)

District 9 (CA  GU  HI  MP  NV)

    CWA Congressional Scorecard Rules

    To earn a score of 100%, a member of Congress must always vote with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) position on the legislation listed in the CWA Scorecard Voter Guide. The Communications Workers of America Legislative-Political Department calculates a members’ score by dividing the number of supportive votes over the total number of votes taken by that member relating to pro-worker legislation.

    Additionally, CWA tracks the co-sponsorship of crucial legislation and sign-on letters regarding issues that CWA deems a priority. These are also essential measures that Members of Congress should take to show their support for CWA working families.