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T-Mobile Video: What Happened in the Basement

What Happened In the Basement?

The true story of the Harlem 7 -- a group of T-Mobile workers who stood up to company oppression and voted to form a union.

No Fast Track

Fair Trade Now!

Activists rally at the U.S. Capitol to demand trade deals that work for everyone. Speakers included Rosa DeLauro, Keith Ellison, Sander Levin, Mike Michaud, Mark Pocan & Jan Schakowsky.

Reverend William Barber

Why We Need a Moral Movement: Reverend William Barber

Rev. Barber, NC NAACP President, calls for a "moral movement" across America to defend our democracy from extremist state legislatures. Watch Rev. Barber's full remarks at

Larry Cohen

Our Fights Are Really One Battle: CWA President Larry Cohen

CWA President Larry Cohen calls on activists to unite in a strong, robust democracy movement at the 2014 CWA Legislative-Political & Movement Building Conference.

Nancy Pelosi

We Need Transparency: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

At the 2014 CWA Legislative-Political & Movement Building Conference, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi delivers a simple message on the TPP trade deal. "We need transparency."

Val Givens

Fighting to Bring Customer Service Jobs Back to the US

Val Givens from CWA Local 6222 addresses the 2014 Legislative-Political & Movement Building Conference.